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Warframe players are putting hours into hoarding in-game plushies

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The conservation game added in the Warframe: Fortuna update last week yields adorable virtual plushies called Floofs that you can put in your Orbiter craft. Unsurprisingly, some players have gone all-in on earning as many teddy bears as they can. 

To get one plushie you need to track and tranq five creatures in the open world zone Orb Vallis. That makes sights like this... daunting.

"I'm conserving these animals so hard" says Raikunoso (opens in new tab) on Reddit (opens in new tab). After a quick count I can see 98 plushies there, though a few may be hidden behind consoles. That's 490 hunts. At a rough estimate of three minutes per hunt that's about 24.5 hours of conservation.

Other users have taken a different approach. Instead of filling their craft to the brim with unblinking toys, Dirtiestbag (opens in new tab) has assembled them (opens in new tab) into a sort of twisted Zord that evokes an episode of Hannibal, or at least an adorable rendition of the Blair Witch Project.

Meanwhile user VapeGodWolnir (opens in new tab) is trying to commune (opens in new tab) with the creatures—why can't we talk to the plushies?

MumpsTheMusical (opens in new tab) has dragged plushies into their lair (opens in new tab) and merged them into a sinister throne, as you do. Is this the plot of Toy Story 4?

Finally this one posted by uPepper5555 (opens in new tab) was posted 21 hours ago (opens in new tab), so the collection has probably doubled in size since then.

It's surely only a matter of time before Digital Extremes starts making real versions of these things, and we probably won't have to tranquilise animals to get them. For more on the latest Warframe expansion, check out our guide to getting to Fortuna (opens in new tab), and our guide to earning Solaris United standing (opens in new tab) once you're there. If you want to travel in style, Steven has the info on how to get your Archwing working (opens in new tab) in Orb Vallis.

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