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War Thunder plans for ground forces closed beta, taking off next month

How thunderous are planes? They're in the sky, which is where thunder lives, but do they really have that unstoppably primal element that should accompany the adjective? If not, that's a problem for a game like War Thunder, which until now has focused on the aerial side of World War 2. The solution, it seems, is to introduce playable ground forces to the free-to-play dogfighter - specifically tanks. Tanks are definitely thunderous. And warlike.

The Ground Forces closed beta is due to launch on December 4th. If you want to participate, though, you'd better suit up. Or, even better, launch the game War Thunder and play it.

"In the next three weeks we will be issuing challenges to identify our most determined and loyal fighters," explains the game's announcement post . "Receive and complete these new combat missions to earn your access to the Closed Beta test and get a chance to win other valuable gifts like War Thunder special t-shirts and watches. The more you complete the higher your chances are."

You can see today's challenges here . They'll be replaced by a new set of criteria at 11am GMT each day.

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