War Child's 'Re-Play' Steam sale features XCOM, Civilization, and some retro classics

War Child UK, the charity behind videogame initiatives including the Verdun Christmas Truce DLC and This War of Mine's 'The Little Ones,' and US-based Children in Conflict have launched a new program aimed at raising money and awareness called Re-Play. The retro-gaming-based program "encourages gamers to reconnect with games from their childhood," with a Steam sale featuring older and newer games, a mobile game giveaway, and limited-run t-shirts designed by Bethesda, 343 Industries, Wargaming, and other studios. 

"Re-Play is a campaign about reflecting on childhood and reinforcing the idea that every child has the right to play," War Child UK's Wayne Emanuel said. "For hundreds of thousands of children forced to live in or flee conflict, playing and its link to developing a child’s identity, creative thinking and problem solving, is often overlooked." 

The program actually kicked off yesterday with a three-hour Facebook livestream. We missed out on that (although you can still catch it here if you like) but fortunately the Steam sale is still running, although only until tomorrow. There aren't a lot of games on sale, but it's a fun mix of old and new: 

The t-shirts, if game-themed apparel is your thing, will be available until May 3 from GameOn Clothing. They go for £20 ($28) each, with designs including Fallout, Halo, Monument Valley, Monster Legends, and World of Tanks. Details about Re-Play and the War Child UK charity are available at warchild.org.uk.

Andy Chalk

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