Want to eat Bugsnax? Because now you can

A cinnasnail, as seen on the Pixelated Provisions blog
(Image credit: Victoria Rosenthal)
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In the bug-hunting adventure game Bugsnax (opens in new tab), there's an island full of creatures themed around snacks. The daddy cakelegs is a cake spider with birthday candle legs, the flutterjam is a butterfly with wings of jam-coated bread, and the scoopy banoopy is some kind of ice cream sundae lobster thing. You get the idea.

Now, thanks to videogame recipe wizard Victoria Rosenthal, bugsnax are real and you can eat them. On her blog Pixelated Provisions (opens in new tab), she's provided recipes for three of them so far, in increasing order of complexity. The strabby (opens in new tab) is a simple strawberry with googly eyes, a test case for a candy eye recipe that is then incorporated into the flapjackarack (opens in new tab) (a stack of buttery pancakes and bacon), and the cinnasnail (opens in new tab) (a cinnamon bun snail with white chocolate antennae and cream cheese icing). 

To keep the latter two recipes appropriately bug-themed, Rosenthal used cricket flour—a sustainable alternative to flour that really is made out of crickets, which are freeze-dried, baked, and ground into powder.

Rosenthal is the author of both the official Fallout (opens in new tab) and Destiny cookbooks (opens in new tab), which are real books that really exist, and has previously blogged about making everything from Recettear's walnut bread (opens in new tab) to the Heavy's sandvich from Team Fortress 2 (opens in new tab). Who else is hungry now?

Jody Macgregor
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