Voice-activated power supply RGB lighting is the feature nobody asked for

Have you ever sat around and wished you could adjust your power supply's RGB lighting with your voice? Hell, do you even care about having RGB lighting on a PSU? Thermaltake seems to think the answer is 'yes' to both questions, so it went and updated is mobile app to allow for this very thing.

Thermaltake is billing this as an "AI Voice Control" feature of its DPS G mobile application for iOS, with a version for Android coming soon. The new feature works with Thermaltake's Toughpower iRGB Plus Titanium and Platinum digital PSUs.

The way it works is you load the app on your mobile device and then use your voice to change your PSU's light mode, color, and brightness. You can also change the speed of the light effects. And that's it, at least for the lighting—you can bark out a command to turn the PSU on or off, too.

We can see IBM's Watson rolling its eyes at the apparent use of AI in such a manner.

Of course, calling this "AI" is a stretch, though if Thermaltake really wants to do so, it bears the burden of accepting that this is quite possibly the worst use of AI to date. It at least ranks right up there. Also, it's probably faster to just change the colors on the PC directly.

Beyond the voice control stuff, the app has some other bits that some users might actually find useful. It lets you look at various parameters, such as historical efficiency, fan speed, wattage, voltage, temperature, total usage time, and electricity cost.

But who cares about all that when you can say, "Ripple!," and your PSU's lighting will respond in kind.

Paul Lilly

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