Vive wireless adapter has a ‘compatibility issue’ with some Ryzen PCs

HTC confirmed there is a "compatibility issue" between its $299 wireless adapter accessory for its Vive VR headset and some Ryzen PCs, but it's not sure what exactly is causing the problem. Affected users can request a refund if they don't want to wait for HTC to figure things out.

"We have seen and are actively looking into multiple reports of Ryzen incompatibility with Vive Wireless Adapter. Our current data shows this is occurring with a subset of Ryzen-based PCs. Our investigation will take time as we are working with multiple component manufacturers to identify the root cause," HTC said.

HTC's wireless adapter addresses one of the annoyances with the Vive—having to dangle a series of cords from the headset to a link box, which in turn connects to a PC. It also affords greater freedom of movement, particularly when spinning around.

It's great when it works. Our friends at TomsHardware reviewed the wireless adapter and said it "delivered a truly immersive experience that can't be overlooked." However, reviewer Kevin Carbotte also experienced lockup issues on a Ryzen-based system.

"I experienced bizarre instability issues with the Ryzen system, such as games locking up randomly and SteamVR refusing to close if an application crashed. The PC also halted on the Windows restart loading screen every time I tried to reboot the PC. And even when I did manage to get it running, the frame rate was so choppy that I couldn’t keep the headset on for longer than a minute or two before I felt like I was going to vomit," Carbotte noted. 

"Worse yet, when I plugged in the Vive Pro, it refused to display an image on the screen. I later found out that SteamVR Home would crash upon launch, which left the display blank until I killed the process with the Windows Task Manager," Carbotte added.

HTC has been investigating the issue since at least the end of last week. There has been no update on the situation as of this writing. However, HTC said it will process "Ryzen-related returns" from its retail partners and direct orders, even if the return window has closed.

Paul Lilly

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