Viscera Cleanup Detail gets a new graffiti-covered level

Viscera Cleanup Detail recently received a long-awaited update (v1.092) which adds a new level and new stuff to clean up. The update released earlier this week on December 17—exactly one year after the game's previous update, developer RuneStorm says. 

The new level, 'uprinsing,' continues the game's punny traditions while making one big, filthy addition: graffiti. In addition to blood and viscera, players can now scrub some good old-fashioned vandalism. The update also makes significant changes to several speedrun times, which are detailed in the full patch notes

New ways to dirty your mop are a pretty big deal for a game that's basically competitive tidying up, but RuneStorm says there's more in the pipes, both for Viscera Cleanup Detail and unannounced projects.  

"Indeed, that's a small update for a year's worth of work. This is because we're mostly working on other projects," the studio says on Steam, hinting that Viscera Cleanup Detail's next update (v1.1) will bring far more "stuff." Can't have too much stuff. 

"One major project we hoped to reveal, as it's seen a lot of attention, won't be happening just yet. This is because we've been pursuing multiple things, and at this point, we've got a number of interesting projects being explored, so we cannot say which will be chosen in the end. This is good though, because it'll allow us to settle on something we feel is both really interesting and can also be done right." 

In the meantime, you've got guts to clean up.

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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