Valve's latest Dota 2 documentary series starts today

As part of Dota 2's latest Battle Pass, Valve are releasing a new series of documentaries covering the wizard-'em-up's thriving esports scene. Although the developer has produced a number of short videos to support The International over the last couple of years, this new series—called True Sight—is their most substantial documentary effort since 2013's Free To Play.

This new series will follow teams as they reshuffle in the aftermath of August's International and prepare for the $3m Boston Major in December. The first episode follows South East Asian hopefuls Fnatic and 2015 International champions EG, both in the aftermath of some significant roster changes.

Access to the series is limited to owners of the Fall Battle Pass, which costs $9.99 and includes the usual array of cosmetics, quests, cosmetics that you earn from doing quests, and so on. You'll be able to watch the first episode through Valve's own streaming platform starting at 16:00 PDT today, which is 01:00 the following morning CEST. Click here for the English language version.

If you can't make the first showing, don't fret: broadcasts will repeat every two hours for 24 hours following the first one. After that, Battle Pass owners will find the documentary available to view at any time through their Steam library.

Chris Thursten

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