Valve demos 99% working Portal turret, lacks only firepower and spark of life (maybe)

Let's kick off this Friday morning with one of the cutest weapons of war you'll ever see - a Portal 2 turret that replaces its guns with flashing lights, but otherwise acts just like the turrets in the game.

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While nowhere near as nice, if you want your own turret, Gaming Heads is selling one in very limited quantities. As for other Portal merch, ThinkGeek on the other hand would have been your place to go for an authentic, though sadly non-functional Portal Gun , had it not sold out of them 30 minutes after saying "So, we have this..." A few other options are still around though if you don't mind paying a little more to have your very own Aperture experience.

Cake and jumpsuit sold seperately. Literally.

Note: This post originally suggested that the one in the video was the Gaming Heads model. This turned out to be inaccurate, so has been changed. Sorry about that.