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Valorant takes a trip to the beach with its next map, Breeze

I hope you brought your best swim-shorts, agents. Valorant's next map is Breeze, and it's taking the superpowered team shooter out for a sunny seaside holiday.

Arriving with Valorant's Episode 2: Act 3 update next Tuesday, April 27th, Breeze is a scorching beach resort straddling sandy shores, ancient stone ruins, and an industrial port town complete with gnarly old ships. Compared to the game's last new map, Icebox, it's quite a looker.

Not that you should be looking at the scenery too much, mind. Breeze sports some of the longest sightlines in Valorant, and far more wide open courtyards than the game's usual arenas. Expect snipers to dominate, with engagements taking place over far longer ranges than usual.

Episode 2: Act 3 introduces a new season to the game, arriving with its own battle pass full of new player cards, weapon skins and other assorted cosmetics when it arrives next Tuesday.

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