Valheim Plus mod adds shared map system, advanced building modes, and more

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Valheim's developer Iron Gate Studio states in its FAQ that it "won't have official support" for mods. But, as we know by now, modders gonna mod anyway, and mods for the co-op survival game have already begun to appear.

The biggest so far is Valheim Plus, a mod that makes loads of changes to the game, tweaking everything from item weight values to the speed and output of furnaces, kilns, and fermenters. It increases item stack sizes, allows you to carry unprocessed metals through portals, and even speeds up the production rates of your bees.

But even if you don't want to dabble with all that (it sounds like it's mostly aimed at making the game easier), there are some exciting additions to Valheim in the mod, most notably an advanced building and editing mode. For starters, it allows you to place items and building pieces with surgical precision, altering the height, rotation, and even angle of each item:

Advanced Building Mode in Valheim Plus from r/valheim

Maybe even more exciting is the advanced editing mode. If you've placed something and want to move it, like the wood beam in the video below, you don't have to destroy it first. You can select it and edit its placement instead. Pretty darn neat!

[Mod] Valheim Plus - New Advanced Editing Mode from r/valheim

One other feature of Valheim Plus that caught my eye was a shared map system. If you've been playing with friends, you may have found yourself wishing that the places they uncover on their maps were added to your own map, too. 

This feature makes that a reality, so every player's map will show the progress you've made collectively. (Though you'll need to be online for it—if your friend explores for a few hours before you log on, you won't see their map progression.) With everyone on the same page, you'll all know which areas you've already been to on your travels.

Here's the full list of features in Valheim Plus:

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  • Modify Player weight values (base and Megingjord)
  • Modify Food Duration
  • Modify Fermenter Speed & Output size
  • Modify Furnace maximum coal/ore inside and speed, coal usage
  • Modify Kiln production speed and maximum amount of wood inside
  • Remove Item teleport prevention from ores
  • Reduce Item weight of all items by %
  • Increase Item Stack sizes
  • Remove Building "Invalid Placement" restriction
  • Remove Building Object deterioration by weather.
  • Modify Beehive production speed & maximum
  • Remove Password requirement for server
  • Modify maximum Players on a server
  • Shared Map System with a setting that respects player map visibility settings
  • Hotkey options for fowards and backwards roll.
  • Advanced Building Mode
  • Advanced Editing Mode
  • Stamina usage configuration
  • Option to remove screen shake

The mod's page here on Nexus Mods has instructions on how to install the mod, both locally and on a server, as well as how the controls work for the advanced building and editing modes.

As cool as all this sounds, keep in mind Valheim has only been out for a couple weeks, it's in Early Access, and there's no official mod support. We have no idea how mods will react when Valheim gets updated (they'll probably break) or what impact it'll have on your saved worlds and characters. If you're going to play with mods, make sure you back up your character and world files (we explain how to do it here) and don't be surprised if an update to the game disables the mod's features or prevents you from accessing your world.

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