This USB microphone is on sale for $6 on Amazon for some reason

A cheap USB microphone.
(Image credit: Stilnend.)

Update: It's gone now. While we originally thought this could be a typical online retail quirk (eg, a pricing error), it seems likely that it was a fake listing. If you ordered it, consider cancelling the order and reporting the seller to Amazon. 

Original story: I don't know if this USB microphone kit on Amazon (opens in new tab)is any good, but if you apply the code 8GDVOYFN at checkout (thanks, Alex Guerrero (opens in new tab)), you order it for $6 at the time of writing. The microphone, which includes a boom arm and pop filter, normally goes for $60, apparently.

This could be a bad microphone. The discount could also be an error, and the orders might be cancelled and refunded. Or, who knows? Spend $6 at your own risk, in other words.

Our own Tim Clark bought one, and says the estimated delivery date is February 26 to March 26, which in his words is "a weird ass window." I agree that it is a weird ass window. But, again, it's six bucks.

If the code stops working, we won't necessarily notice and update this article immediately, so you'll just have to try it in your cart and see.

If you'd prefer not to roll the dice on a cheap but potentially bad product (the photoshopped images on Amazon don't inspire confidence, though there are thousands of positive reviews), check our proper streaming microphone recommendations (opens in new tab). Otherwise, good luck!

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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