US Army Dismounted Soldier Training System is the greatest game you'll never play

We first looked a the US Army's Dismounted Soldier Training System back in May , but two new trailers have just been recruited onto the internet. Or something. It's all powered by the CryEngine 3, which isn't just a pretty games engine, but a complete environment simulator.

The first trailer, above, is billed as an in-game “cinematic”. It features all your usual manshoot elements, but it does look rather gorgeous. You need to remember that the engine's rendering huge areas, too, rather than Battlefield 3 or CoD's comparatively constrained maps.

The second trailer shows off the game's technology, including firefighting, environments, and a groovy little convertible submarine thing with the top down. Did they really think that through? It's astonishing just how real it all looks, especially when nightvision and forward-looking infrared sensors are activated.

Of course, this $57 million “game” is being developed especially for US Army training, so as much as we'd love to be able to play it, we won't be able to. Unless we become US Army colonels. Career re-think begins right now.