Ur Not A Hero, but you are a badass in this cover-based 2D action shooter

I have high hopes for Ur Not A Hero , a 2D action shooter that developers Peanut Butter Fingers describe as a mix of Elevator Action and Gears of War, but I think leans closer towards Stranglehold or Vanquish - i.e. insanely stylish, and with lots and lots of sliding around on the floor. (There's also a hint of Hotline Miami, I feel.) Picking from a bunch of guys with different abilities (Suit Guy dual-wields pistols, for example, while the dude dressed as a superhero is a dab hand at the old punch-slide combo), your job is to clear a building of hostiles, while defusing bombs, rescuing hostages, or assassinating a key target. There's a brilliant video below, and a playable, early alpha version to whet your appetite.

This is obviously a rough draft, but the fundamentals appear to be in place: quick, stylish, satisfying combat, with superb animation, and a killer hook in the form of the slide move. (Sliding into cover feels so wonderfully fresh in a 2D game.) With some form of multiplayer in the game - co-op or versus, but hopefully both - I could see this really taking off. However, even in it's current, rough form I can't see myself deleting Ur Not A Hero from my hard drive any time soon. Make sure you give it a go . But not before watching this tremendous video:

Thanks, IndieGames .

Tom Sykes

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