Unreal Tournament reboot gets feature complete DM Chill map

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 2.53.33 pm

The Unreal Tournament reboot is still ticking along, with a whole new build released earlier this week. That build, which you can download over here, includes a feature complete recreation of the legendary DM Chill map. DM Chill might not be as iconic as CTF Facing Worlds, but it's definitely an environment that lingers in my memory years after kicking my teenage UT habit.

If you don't fancy downloading the alpha, which is freely downloadable in keeping with Epic Games' community-oriented development approach, then you can watch a video of the map in action above. Meanwhile, the new patch has ushered in a variety of tweaks and changes to the alpha, which you can read about in detail over on the Unreal Tournament website.

Chief among these changes are fixes to weapon fire clipping through walls, fire reaction animations for enforcers, and some changes to the user interface. Omri wrote up some impressions based on a build from April last year and came away impressed, but no doubt the alpha has come leaps and bounds since.

Shaun Prescott

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