Classic CTF map Facing Worlds is reborn in Unreal Tournament update

Unreal Tournament

Well hello, stranger! Fans of the old Unreal Tournament will surely recognize Facing Worlds, or CTF-Face, a capture the flag map—perhaps the capture the flag map—that wonderfully sucked up endless hours of their lives. It's back and it's gotten a makeover as part of an update for Unreal Tournament's free-to-play pre-alpha.

The update includes two other CTF maps besides Facing Worlds: Titan Pass and Pistola Battleground, the latter based on the UT 2004 map of the same name, and created by community member Jayoplus.

Unreal Tournament

You can run around fragging people in these maps using two new playable characters included in the update, one a Necris and the other a Skaarj trooper. According to the release notes, there has also been some work done on weapons like the rocket launcher, sniper rifle, and link gun. Bot AI has also been improved for offline challenge sessions.

This being the start of Unreal Tournament's pre-alpha season, running through the end of October, they've also instituted a progression system in which players using official Epic servers gain experience they can use for character customization. You can read the full release notes here, and register for the pre-alpha at UT's official site.

Unreal Tournament

Also, for old time's sake, here's the classic Facing Worlds circa UT2004. Hell of a view.

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