"Ultimate version" of Skullgirls comes to PC with 2nd Encore upgrade

Skullgirls 2nd encore

The PC has been looking strong as a platform for fighting games of late—there are even with rumours that Tekken 7 is on the way—and it's looking better still now that the "ultimate version" of Skullgirls has escaped the PlayStation.

2nd Encore has been PlayStation-exclusive since July last year, but it'll be ours from April 14. Story mode gets full voiceover from the original cast and five new characters join the roster: Squigly, Big Band, Eliza, Beowulf and Robo-Fortune. Their various character colours come too, of course.

Trials mode promises to teach you "actually-useful" combos which you can then apply in Survival and Challenges modes. The latter, as the name suggests, is an endless arcade-style game type, while Challenges throw some unusual conditions into the mix. You can even play as antagonist Marie.

The upgrade will be $10 for the first week, and $15 thereafter.