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Wizards of the Coast unveils Magic: The Gathering - Arena

In June, Perfect World Entertainment and Neverwinter developer Cryptic Studios announced a new, "truly unique AAA game" based on the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. About a week after that, Magic publisher Wizards of the Coast said that another Magic-branded game was also in development, as part of its "Magic Digital Next" program. Today, it revealed the title. 

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Unfortunately, that's all that's been revealed so far, but Wizards said in a follow-up post that more information, including how to join the upcoming closed beta, will be shared at 1 pm PT on September 7 during a livestream on Twitch. The June announcement also indicated that "much, much more" about the new game, including "early demos," will be revealed at HASCON, which runs September 8-10 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Wizards of the Coast said that Magic players who want to follow along with Magic Digital Next—"an internal umbrella term for an entire landscape of Magic: The Gathering digital products"—should sign up for a Wizards account at   

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