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WildStar trailer reveals inevitable race of cute rodent people

If you have a photographic memory of every game trailer ever released, then a) wow, you've seen a lot of people getting stabbed in the neck, and b) you'll remember the two WildStar videos introducing the upcoming MMO's factions: Exiles and Dominion . At the time, both sides skipped over one of their four allied races. Is there something uniquely special about these two unknowns, or are they just skittering rat/hamster people and large, sometimes invisible blue dudes, held back in order to justify a new reveal trailer?

Rat bastards and blue dudes, then. Through assorted trailers and reveals, we've now seen all factions, races, and character paths. All that's missing are two of the six classes, at which point we'll have a pretty full picture of what WildStar will offer. With one exception: we're still waiting for an announcement of the game's payment model.

WildStar is currently in closed beta testing, with a release planned for later this year.

Phil Savage
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