We played Terraria's 1.3 update a day early

Terraria 1.3

Update: The livestream is over, but you can watch a VOD of the whole thing right here.

We saw new biomes like the Underground Desert, new events like Slime Rain, and new items and weapons like the yo-yo! 1.3 is a huge update, even if a lot of the additions and changes are more subtle, like tweaked world generation. And Expert Mode is a severe kick in the pants. Even basic zombies can kill you in two hits, so it's much harder to get a foothold at the start of the game. I am looking forward to exploring the late game when the patch goes live tomorrow, if I can make it that far.

Original: Tomorrow, Terraria will get its third massive update since it launched in 2011. Once again, the game will be getting a free content drop that adds hundreds of items, new enemies, new modes, updated graphics and sound, and a very long list of more.

We will be livestreaming the 1.3 update to Terraria in its brand new "Expert Mode" today from 2-5pm PDT, ahead of its official release tomorrow. Come watch as we find as much new stuff as we can (and there is a lot) while some of the devs from Re-Logic hang out in Twitch chat. You can watch on the embed above, or right here on our Twitch channel.