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Watch Dogs' Bad Blood DLC is now available to season pass holders

There's an especially great scene in Watch Dogs where [spoilers] you're shooting bad guys in a junkyard to the tune of Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry [/spoilers]. The character you're shooting alongside, Raymond 'T-Bone' Kenny, is the main character in this first DLC drop for Watch Dogs. If you thought Aiden Pearce lacked character, then T-Bone should make up for it. Entitled Bad Blood , the new campaign follows T-Bone's exploits about halfway through the regular campaign, when he's called upon by former Blume employee Tobias Frewer to get him out of a tight fix.

Well, good news: if you're a Season Pass holder that pack is available to download right now, though everyone else will need to wait until September 30. Bad Blood's campaign content will be complimented with a bunch of other new stuff, including new cooperative 'Street Sweep' contracts. Meanwhile, the Hacking and Tailing online modes are now playable as T-Bone.

All this, alongside new weapons, perks, outfits and a remote-controlled car called 'Eugene'. Check out the launch trailer below.

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