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Valheim players are now launching longships into orbit

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)

Last week, we reported on the hot new craze of Valheim players yeeting themselves through the air using makeshift catapults. Now, one Viking has discovered how to achieve orbit in comfort, hurtling an entire longboat through the skies by way of a colossal, ship-firing bobsled track.

This weekend, Redditor HotGUUUUU revealed their magnum opus, a massive longboat ramp built high in the mountains. Once pushed, the boat hurtles down building up some truly impressive momentum, before being punted out to sea at high velocity

After MANY failed launches, I present the Longship down the new and improved Mega Ramp (With Better FPS) from r/valheim

The best part comes after the launch, however. While Valheim's oceans may look like they're made of water, the clip reveals that it's actually some sort of liquid rubber—bouncing perfectly off the surface and soaring high into the stratosphere. For a few, beautiful seconds, the longboat glides majestically, before crashing back to earth in the middle of a forest.

Of course, now that people have figured out how to send longboats into orbit, I reckon it's only a matter of time before that impressive Valheim Millennium Falcon takes flight—bonus points if you can hit the bullseye at the top of the equally stunning Eye Of Sauron build

Thanks for the spot, RPS.

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