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Three more games get Greenlit: Edge of Space, Papers, Please and Venetica

The crowd has spoken once more. The latest batch of games to be given the Greenlight seal of popularity/approval are the terrific-looking space-shark sandbox Edge of Space , checkpoint simulator (it's more exciting than it sounds) Papers, Please , and Venetica , a Venice-set RPG that puts you in the role of Death's daughter Scarlett. That last one's been out for a couple of years - we gave it 60%, citing "shallow mechanics" and "technical problems" as reasons to avoid it at full price.

It's a smaller batch of games than usual, with Steam switching to this method from now on to "move more quickly", thanks to "lots of titles getting attention". If you follow that link you'll find that a texturing toolset called Substance Designer 3 has been greenlit too - you know, should you need any of your textures done.