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This 4K monitor deal gets you 33% off a Samsung 28-inch panel for Cyber Monday

This 4K monitor deal gets you 33% off a Samsung 28-inch panel for Cyber Monday
(Image credit: Samsung)
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If you've been waiting to buy a new display, this Samsung 4K monitor deal might save your Cyber Monday. 4K monitors can get pretty expensive, and sometimes all you need is a decent 4K display to sit on your desk for some PC gaming. The Samsung U28E590D isn't particularly big or flashy, but it's a straightforward 60Hz 4K monitor now available for less than £200.

Like most Cyber Monday monitors on sale right now, display does have some nice features up its metaphorical sleeve. A game mode setting with 1ms response time makes it ideal for twitch shooters and rhythm-action games, and it comes with both HDMI and DisplayPort connections. Sure, it's a TN panel, but the price is good, and as long as you're not looking to play fast games on it, that 60Hz display should be fine. The simple black and silver finish is unobtrusive but still looks good, meaning that this monitor can sit comfortably in any room without looking out of place. The colour density is fantastic, with true, deep blacks and good vibrance.


Samsung U28E590D | £194.99 at Amazon (save £105)
Less then £200 for a 28-inch 4K screen with a 1ms response time. It's not big and shiny, but it's a seriously good deal.

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