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The Wolf Among Us trailer: a fabled introduction to Telltale's next adventure

Strap yourselves in, readers. We're about a week away from Gamescom and someone's accidentally hit the big red "trailer release" button. Game trailers are flooding onto the internet. It's Trailergeddon! We're going to have to dispense with the usual informalities and knuckle down to the serious business of collecting up these tantalising videos to hang on our HTML walls. First up: Telltale's The Wolf Among Us.

It would be a stretch to say there's a Walking Dead vibe to what's being shown - the tone is altogether more mysterious and noir-ish. And then there's the fact that it's about the Big Bad Wolf - now a gruff, chain smoking, human detective - trying to prevent fellow fairy tale manifestations from murdering each other. Still, the game does hold some similarities to the studio's critically acclaimed zombie adventure: both in continuing with the stylistic comic book art style, and in how it will force the player into tough, ambiguous narrative choices.

The Wolf Among Us is due out later this year.

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