The week's highs and lows in PC gaming


Wes Fenlon: I'm sad that there's absolutely nothing about The Elder Scrolls Online that makes it even a little bit interesting to me. Our review couldn't make it sound much less inspired, and the traditional MMO formula quickly leaves me bored. There are simply too many games selling the same grind. With Guild Wars 2 around, any new MMO launching with a monthly fee better do something bold and innovative to be worth paying $10 for every month. I don't think ESO is that game, but I hope Sony's plans for Everquest give the MMO genre a hard kick in the pants.

Cory Banks: It wasn't super surprising, but getting confirmation that CCP has canceled its long-in-development World of Darkness MMO is still sad. The game itself could have been something special, with all of the ambition that has made EVE: Online a one-of-a-kind MMO experience. Sadly, it won't happen, and it means CCP has had to lay off 56 team members. We hope everyone lands on their feet and keeps making amazing games.

Tim Clark: Aside from the strangeness (from the outside, at least) of veteran Halo composer Martin O'Donnell's apparent firing , it also reminded me that Destiny still hasn't been announced for PC, and how ass-backwards a decision that feels in 2014. I mean, shouldn't someone at Blizzard gently remind someone at Activision that the PC is an astonishingly vibrant platform on which you can make quite a lot of money? I mean, hey, it's not like we're short of exciting new shooters–like this , this and this –in development, but I suspect a belated port of Destiny will still feel like something of a missed opportunity.

Evan Lahti: Despite a thorough regimen of convention food, the PAX pox (known in the scientific community as “H1Nerd1” (at least it isn't H1Z1 , right?)) made residence in Tyler and I's bodies. We're still recovering our HP and MP, but working through the weekend was absolutely worth it. At least we'll have some playoff hockey (Tyler: San Jose; me: Detroit) to tune into over the weekend while we recover.