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The week's highs and lows in PC gaming

Each week PC Gamer's opinion scryers emerge from their blackened temple to hold forth on the most significant moments of the past seven days. They usually bring biscuits too.

Phil Savage: Gatological humour

Gat is back! Actually, I don't care about Gat, but I do care about more Saints Row. SR4 was one of my personal favourites from last year. It was funny, silly and surprisingly sweet—at least, as sweet as a game about a Presidential psychopath Puckish rogue can be.

Yes, I'm disappointed that Gat's the main character (or, to put it another way, "Gat don't impress me much.") A big draw of the previous games was the absurd character creation, something that's not going to happen with an already defined character. But a Saints Row vision of hell—where Shakespeare is one of the four demon lords —is a thing I'm eager to be set loose in.

Tim Clark: GTA V is still a thing

One of the troubling and confusing moments in a week that was often troubling and confusing was the vague sense that—despite all logical expectations to the contrary—Rockstar might have cancelled GTA V. But they haven't. We know this because someone was so worried that they decided to ask . Anyway, I wouldn't normally even mention it, (and in fact we rightly ignored the rumour in the first instance), but for the fact that on the drive home from a meeting at Nvidia's Santa Clara office I got to thinking just how strong the game is potentially going to look on PC. As the parched California countryside scudded past the window of Evan's car (which certainly looks stolen), I mused that with mod support, killer res and framerate, plus the now mature multiplayer, we're looking at the definitive version of a wonderful game. Can't wait. And not just because hearing gunshots outside my apartment last night made me feel like I'm already living this particular dream.

Samuel Roberts: Titanic changes

This week Titanfall added the Titan-less (and fall-less, come to think of it) Pilot Skirmish mode as part of another update. I'm delighted by the idea of this, though I haven't had the chance to give it a go yet. Theoretically, without titans or minions, Titanfall essentially transforms into an entirely different game—an almost Mirror's Edge-like shooter of precision jumps across the maps. Seamless movement suddenly becomes your only reliable tool in both staying alive and finding a way to take an advantage in battle. There are parts of the map you simply don't hang around in with Titanfall due to the justified fear of being trampled by a big monkey robot, but now that restriction doesn't apply. As a free aside, Pilot Skirmish mode is a welcome addition to Titanfall's steadily growing feature set. I love this game.

Tom Marks: Welcome to my humble commode

I'm not kidding when I say making giant gnomes was the most fun I've had in The Sims 4. This is absurd and I love it. With the simple press of two keys (Shift and ]) you can grow almost any item in The Sims 4 infinitely large. And I do mean infinitely as I made a gnome so big it blocked out the screen, and then kept growing until the camera was inside and I would be hard pressed to tell you if I were inside a giant gnome at all. Maybe Oasis Springs has always been contained within a giant gnome, who knows? I don't.

It definitely feels like a glitch as too many things go wrong with it to make it seem intentional but, crazy as it sounds, Maxis has confirmed that this was left in the game intentionally, massive problems and all. (Insert your own Sim City launch joke here.) I highly recommend you go try it out as it's incredibly simple to execute, just make sure you don't accidentally sell everything in your house like I did.

(Thanks to Steve Nahra for the title who posted that commode joke to our Facebook page .)

Wes Fenlon: Rome 2's free campaign expansion is a beautiful thing

Creative Assembly and Sega are really doing right by Total War fans. I played Rome 2 last year, before it was released, and was excited by the game's potential. But Rome 2 had a really rough launch, hampered by performance issues, bugs, and some seriously broken AI. But Creative Assembly patched it, and patched it, and kept on patching it for a whole year. Now Creative Assembly is releasing the "Emperor Edition" of Rome 2 which includes a whole new campaign, bundles all the game's free DLC, and is a free upgrade for all current Rome 2 owners.

Rome 2's free campaign expansion, a year's worth of patches, and great mod support represent the best of PC gaming. Other developers and publishers should pay attention. This is how you engender goodwill: it's okay to sell DLC if you're going to keep supporting your game a year after launch, making it better for everyone for free.

Andy Chalk: Book of Unwritten Tales 2 drops a glorious gameplay trailer

I knew Book of Unwritten Tales 2 was coming, but the "Gameplay Presentation" trailer that turned up this week still managed to be a wonderful surprise. The art and animation are nothing short of gorgeous, and the voice work—so important to a game like this—sounds very strong; the free-fall sequence at the 7:50 mark of the trailer is laugh-out-loud funny, thanks almost entirely to Nate's delivery. A great trailer is a long way from a great game, but I'm willing to bet on it anyway: Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is going to be great.

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