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The Outlast Trials is a 4-player survival horror set during the Cold War

(Image credit: Red Barrels)

Red Barrels' next Outlast game is a co-op horror romp, as Chris predicted when the studio teased it in October. The Outlast Trials isn't a direct follow-up of the earlier strictly singleplayer games, though it is set in the same spooky universe. 

As test subjects in a mystery Cold War experiment, players will be able to scare themselves stupid on their lonesome or work together with up to three unfortunate pals. It isn't clear what trials the experiment's victims will have to endure, but there is some art you can stare at below.

(Image credit: Red Barrels)

It looks like night vision goggles will be replacing the earlier games' camera, but for a moment I thought they might be VR headsets. They're obviously not, but Red Barrels hasn't announced platforms, or anything, really, so it could still have VR support. 

According to Red Barrels co-founder David Chateauneuf, the proof of concept is complete and the team is now in development mode. It's still very early days, then, and there's no release date. In the meantime, here's what we thought of the previous game, Outlast 2.

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