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Teleglitch to get "Die More Edition" upgrade and re-release

Die More Edition? Not likely, guys. There's almost no conceivable way to create a version of top-down indie roguelike horror Teleglitch in which I could die more than I already do. Unless this upgraded re-release packs in death so densely that it warps time around it into a constant nightmare of unending, overlapping demise... Wait, hold on. It's got new levels, items and a more ruthless AI? Okay, that makes more sense.

As someone who really liked the game in its original incarnation, it's nice to see that the developers have brought on Paradox as publisher. That means we'll finally see it hit the "major digital distribution platforms" this Summer. This new version will bring five branching bonus levels, additional weapons, expanded dossiers, and more challenging enemies.

Teleglitch: Die More Edition will cost $12.99, with existing owners getting a free upgrade. To find out what you'll be getting yourself into, check out my review .

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