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Subnautica will finally leave Early Access later this month

We like the deep-sea-living sim Subnautica quite a bit around here. Enough to include it among our choices for "best underwater games" last summer, which is
admittedly something of a niche sub-genre—but still a valid recognition of its quality. It's also not terribly far off of two million owners on Steam. That makes it easy to forget that the game is actually still in Early Access. 

But after three years of availability, and recent updates that include stealth submarine technology, high-fiving fish, and eye candy, developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment announced today that the full launch is scheduled to take place on January 23.   

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The livestream will include the premiere of the Subnautica cinematic trailer, developer interviews, actual sea creatures (although I'm guessing they won't be interviewed) and the "live pushing of the Big Red Launch Button." The stream will begin at 6:15 pm ET/9:15 pm PT, and will be carried on Twitch. You can sign up for a reminder at

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