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Stellaris already has a Warhammer 40K mod

There are a few immutable laws that govern the universe, and one of them is "If it's moddable, someone will put Star Wars and 40K into it."

Stellaris has been out for a day, but the fast-working cobbler gnomes of PC gaming have already produced a mod for it. 'Twilight of the Imperium,' created by a team that's produced Warcraft III and "various major Paradox games mods," casts many of the familiar, mangled faces of the 40K universe into Paradox's less war-torn one. 

The Tyranids, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau, Imperium of Man, Orks, and the forces of Chaos are represented, with unique art and planet names for each race. The mod assigns appropriate government forms, traits, and ethics to each group—for example, the Imperium of Man are fanatic spirtualist xenophobes and the Tyranids are rapid-breeding militarists.

At this point, this mod doesn't seem to be much more than what you can do in Stellaris' built-in empire creation tool, but more features are planned. Twilight of the Imperium has actually been in production for about a month, according to this Reddit post.  "Our vision is to re-create as faithfully as possible the Warhammer 40K universe," writes user Ornlu_Wolfjarl. "We want to stay true to the lore and most importantly we want the players to feel immersed and not just play a game that has all the right names but doesn't engage the player.This is a great undertaking, and we wish to assure you we will be working long and hard on this project. We aim to be releasing the mod in chunks, where in each patch we'll be adding a lot more content." 

The team is committed to making the mod much bigger, aiming to create unique traits that align better with the personalities of Warhammer's races, unique government forms, 40K-themed anomolies, a modified tech tree, and other planned additions mentioned in this post

You can download Twlilight of the Imperium here (Dropbox link). To install it, open Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/Mods/ and unzip the entire mod file into the Mod folder.

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