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Steam's wishlist tool has had an overhaul

Valve rolled out a new update to Steam's wishlist functionality today, adding a bunch of new ways to advise the UI what you want to see. First of all, various statuses will be displayed in the root wishlist list, including whether the game is in Early Access, what it's score rating is, and you'll be able to purchase without clicking through to the game page, too.

But it's the filters that are most welcome. Many have dozens of games in their wishlist, but what if you're only in the mood for an RPG? Now you can sort your wishlist by genre, tag, price, and whether it's on sale or not. In fact, the latter lets you sort according to the size of the discount: 50 percent, 75 percent, and so forth. Add these filters together, and it's now possible to quickly find an RPG you're interested in that's below a certain price threshold.

And that's the general thrust of it. As mentioned above, you can add items to your cart directly from the wishlist now, unless that game has multiple versions (say a Deluxe Edition and a Standard Edition), in which case Steam will direct you to the game's store page.

That's the latest among Valve's more granular updates, though a full UI overhaul is still incoming, Tyler reported last month.

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