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Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army launch trailer leaves marksmanship for dead

Nazi Zombie Army

Zombies seem like an odd choice for Sniper Elite V2 expandalone Nazi Zombie Army. There are lots of them, ceaselessly shuffling towards the smell of a brain currently preoccupied with wind-adjustment calculations. A far cry from the cold, clinical, sadistic professionalism of a top marksman. It seems Rebellion agree, because this first game footage is extremely light on, you know, actual sniping .

Instead, Karl Fairburne - long distance hero and massive goddamn jerk - breaks out shotguns, machine guns and explosions to tackle the approaching hordes. When he does shoulder his sniper rifle, we see the return of the slow-mo kill-cam as a zomb gets popped in the kidney. Fairburne, you idiot! That is not how you take down the undead!

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is released later today, and also brings 4-player co-op to its new campaign.

Phil Savage
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