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Smite Oceania esports season announced

Smite SWC Splash

Following the launch of new Oceanic servers last November, Hi-Rez will host a series of Smite pro league tournaments this year to determine which team in Australia or New Zealand is fit to compete at the World Championships. The season will be spread across two splits, culminating in a grand final at PAX Australia this November.

The first split will take place between March and June, and is designed to help find the best teams to form the Oceania Pro League. Events include ladder events, LAN center tournaments and a final online tournament to determine Pro League eligibility. The second split will run July through to November, culminating in the PAX Australia showdown.

"With this being the first pro season for Oceania, we’ve designed the season to be as open as possible to allow new teams to participate and join during the season, while ensuring we find the absolute best team to represent Oceania in the World Championships," Hi-Rez wrote in an announcement today.

Full details on how the tournaments are structured can be found here, or else you can check out the handy diagram below:

Oceanic Esports-01-01-1024x820

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