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Ruiner trailer introduces four of its bosses

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Publisher Devolver Digital has just released a new trailer for Reikon's top-down cyberpunk action game Ruiner, focusing on four of its boss enemies. There's the Heavy Cyborg with their Wolverine-style claws, an augmented war criminal named Captain Bogdan, brainwashed Triad mystery man Shadow, and the huge robotic Mother Engine who controls the security systems of Ruiner's villainous megacorporation called Heaven.

Ruiner is due out on September 26 and we're already pretty excited by its opening levels. In her preview our writer Brittany Vincent described her encounters with Ruiner's first two bosses like this:

The very first brush with a small-fry security chief boss is difficult enough even while pirouetting with an LMG, dodging and weaving bullets, but a later encounter with a bigger boss is even more of a thrill ride. I take out baddies right and left and siphon their health and energy drops as if they were krill to a whale, keeping myself alive and upping the timer. It's a frenetic, blood-soaked party, with one hell of a hangover.

Check out the trailer below. 

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