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Cyberpunk brawler Ruiner out now, launch trailer launched

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Devolver Digital and Reikon Games' brutal cyberpunk brawler Ruiner is "dazzling, dangerous, and dripping in style" and is a "superb, if short, whirlwind of cyber-violence and sightseeing"—so says our reviewer Omri Petitte. It's out now and, naturally, has a launch trailer. 

Let's have a gander at that, shall we?

So what's the all about, then? Set in the year 2091 within the dystopian, cyberpunk-scarred depths of Rengkok, a "wired psychopath" does battle with a corrupt system in search of his kidnapped brother. Guided by a mysterious hacker ally, players are in turn tasked with dismantling an Orwell-esque conglomerate named HEAVEN, by virtue of a flashy arsenal of gadgets and expert combat. 

Without spoiling, here's a wee excerpt from Omri's review on that: 

When I wanted to experience humanity through the looking glass I talked to people in Rengkok. They portray that oft-forgotten chunk of cyberpunk that deals with the downtrodden in a future where technology is deified, reviled, and terribly powerful. An old woman warned me about the oncoming danger of sentient satellites. 

A girl wearing a cat-ear beanie press-ganged me into waging a hacking war against holographic street cats which were actually corporate surveillance devices. A barely-clothed nun offered to trade pain—dying over and over during missions, in gaming terms—for Karma, Ruiner's currency for leveling up and unlocking new abilities.   

And here's Evan's chat with game director Jakub Stylinski at PAX earlier this month:

If you fancy any of that, Ruiner is out now on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store for £14.99/$19.99.

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