This brutal cyberpunk brawler could make Hotline Miami look like a kids' cartoon

Ruiner is a cyberpunk-inspired isometric brawler in the spirit of Hotline Miami, but it has the potential to be even more relentless than its inspiration. A deep combat system means you can deploy any number of futuristic firearms, melee weapons, and gadgets in combination to take out crowds of enemies. And with the ability to slow down time, Ruiner's violence is as elegant as it is chaotic. 

Style is as important as substance in Ruiner, apparent in the sharp red neon glow enveloping its dark world and by the accompanying soundtrack, a rad collection of electro-bangers made to murder to. See it all in the video above, and follow our continuing coverage of PAX West 2017 here.

Evan Lahti
Global Editor-in-Chief

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