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Retro City Rampage updates with mod support, (slightly) better graphics

Parodic 8-bit open world game Retro City Rampage has been updated with mod support and enhanced graphics. Not massively enhanced, mind. You're not going to load up the game to be dazzled by a city rendered in full 3D. But you are going to see twice as many on-screen colours, and "realtime soft shadows" - which is more than what the NES could handle.

"The original 8-BIT mode is still included for purists," assures the update page , "but this new mode really adds to the experience." Mod support, meanwhile, will allow players to "create new vehicles, characters, fonts and color palettes."

In addition, a Steam daily deal sale has reduced the game by 75%. But you'll have to be quick - it ends today, at 6pm BST. Which is in an hour and a half. Assuming you're reading these words at the exact second I'm typing them out. Which you're not.

Thanks, Joystiq .

Phil Savage
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