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PUBG weekly update hits bugs and UI fixes, now live

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Despite restructuring its schedule, PUBG has received three updates in the last two weeks—one fog-related, one grenade-related, and now one bug and UI-related. The latter is the battle royale 'em up's 27th Weekly Update, and it's now live

As outlined in this Steam Community post, the latest patch introduces enhanced breathing animations in Spectator mode, as well as a new feature that lets players adjust the zoom-in and zoom-out speed on the World Map. 

Bug fix-wise, the Weekly Update 27 targets a graphics bug that occurred when players left the game while still in the starting airplane, and another which stopped players from seeing the full alias of their teammates. 

Syncronisation between player aim and spectator aim has been tweaked, and a bug that prevented teammates' marker direction in Free Look mode has been quashed. Shadows will no longer vanish mid-game, too. 

And on another note entirely, PUBG developer Bluehole is now said to be worth over four billion US dollars. According to this Bloomberg article (via Shack News), Bluehole Inc. is said to be valued at around $4.6—a figure reflected by the runaway mega hit's ever-increasing success.