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Project Spark trailer promises a universe of possibility, but only if you're using Windows 8

Project Spark

Many will tell you that Project Spark is a more powerful version of the PS3's Little Big Planet. We know the truth, though: it's a cutesy Garry's Mod, and as such is far less likely to responsible for the likes of this . Or this .

In fact, if you're not using Windows 8, it will be responsible for very little - the game appearing exclusively on Microsoft's latter OS and XBONE console. If you are running that most tile-centric of systems, however, you'll be able to exercise the spark of creativity through a beta test that's now taking sign-ups .

Project Spark lets players create a world, and the games to be found within it. Inevitably, you'll also be able to sculpt penises, because otherwise what exactly is the point? It's being develop using the full suite of nightmarish device integration, including SmartGlass and Kinect. How this will all merge into a great PC blancmange isn't entirely clear, but more information should surface once the beta has launched.

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