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PQube's Indie Showcase is a colourful explosion of neat-looking games

We've had some big hitters here on the PC Gamer Weekender 2018 livestream, but we're just as interested in what PC gaming's smaller studios are up to. Gathered within PQube's Indie Showcase, the following videos look at some of the publisher's typically colourful, quirky and outlandish wares.

In order of appearance, expect to see:

  • Nippon Marathon, billed as Takeshi's Castle-meets-Micro Machines.
  • Razed, described as a 3D Sonic-meets-Super Meat Boy by way of a 3D bit trip runner.
  • Stay, a retro-styled indie game about a kidnapee who's locked in a trap room.
  • Platago, a neat-looking 2D game-making tool.

Here's PQube's Matt Pellet with more information and footage from all of those: 

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