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Play Dead by Daylight for free this weekend

If you’re the sort of sadist or masochist who quite fancies starring in their very own slasher flick, either as the killer or one of their potential victims, then have I got great news for you: Dead by Daylight is having a free weekend on Steam from now until Sunday. 

Dead by Daylight pits a group of survivors against a seemingly unstoppable killer in appropriately menacing maps, like foreboding forests and abandoned labs. The killer’s goal is to hunt down the other players and sacrifice them to their dark god, while the survivors have fire up the generators that will allow them to escape. 

It’s a straightforward format that’s got some extra wrinkles thanks to the various abilities wielded by both the killer and survivors. Different psychopaths come with their own hooks, like Michael Myers’ obsession mechanic, which targets specific players, making their survival all the less likely, while survivors have their own skills that can be mixed and matched to create unique loadouts. 

To increase your chances of surviving the night, make sure to check out our Dead by Daylight beginner’s guide. The base game and most of the DLC is also 50% off on Steam during the free weekend.

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