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Pick up excellent racer Dirt Rally for $10, its lowest ever price

Racing fans, listen up: Dirt Rally is just $10 right now. That's a heck of a deal, and the lowest ever price for one of the best rally games you'll ever play. But put your foot down, because the deal only lasts until 10am Monday PT/1pm EST/6pm GMT.

You can customise the difficulty and realism of the game to your heart's content, with a whole menu of assists to dial up and down. If you're a rally newbie, the game will do some of the hard work for you, but enthusiasts can turn everything off for a much more challenging race that punishes even slight mistakes. Prepare to skid out around corners over and over again.

Its tracks and cars are authentic, too: it has more than 40 vehicles to choose from, more than 60 stages, and lots of officially licensed World Rallycross content. You'll fly through a number of game modes, and the presentation of the career-style mode really makes you feel like a proper rally driver.

You can pick up a Steam key for $10 at As I said, it's a historic low price, and the game is more than $50 on most stores at the moment. Grab it while you have a chance.

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