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Pathologic remake hits first stretch goal, enters last day of funding


A Pathologic remake is happening, deities help us. Not only that, it will feature an even bigger space for it's weirdness and dread. The survival adventure's Kickstarter has passed its first stretch goal, ensuring a more densely packed town to explore, experience and (maybe) fix.

"We’ve launched this whole campaign to make an extended version of the game," explains the Kickstarter page. "Thing is, it’s always possible to add more. More unique objects, more dialogue options, more questlines, more events happening around you. And it won’t be filler content either. Say there are plot-dependent areas planned in the warehouse district; but what if you could also find caches and hideouts there? What if street NPCs had additional reactions to your activities? What if there were simply more questlines?"

The campaign has raised $350,000 in funding, and is now in its final day. With 24 hours left, the team needs to raise an additional $45,000 to complete the next stretch goal: an extended Steppe—bringing yet more quests and NPCs to the area.

Creepy teaser? Creepy teaser:

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