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Our first glimpse of the Monster Hunter film surprisingly isn't terrible

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The first on-set photographs of the upcoming Monster Hunter movie were alarming. They showed actors in modern military fatigues with guns and armoured vehicles. There was no sign of any absurdly oversized swords, or any monsters to hunt, and it seemed as though this would be an unfaithful knock-off.

It turns out those pictures showed the team of soldiers before they fall through a portal into the big monster dimension. The leaked teaser snippet above, via EG, is much more promising. It has Diablos emerging angrily from below the sand, as he does. There's an enormous bow and a fiery hammer, and is that Rathalos at the very end? They even got Handler right. 

I hope the movie leans in even more and commits to Monster Hunter's silliness. If the filmmakers have passed on the opportunity to include an extended Palico cooking montage then I will be sorely disappointed.

Monster Hunter is out on September 4 2020.

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