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The Night of the Rabbit, a new adventure game from Daedalic, coming May 29

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Earlier this week, German studio Daedalic Entertainment announced that The Night of the Rabbit (formerly known as "The Rabbit's Apprentice") will release internationally on May 29, and called the game its "biggest adventure game so far."

The puzzle-adventure stars a 12-year-old boy who dreams of being a wizard (didn't we all?), and borrows at least a little from the likes of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and The Chronicles of Narnia—the premise has the boy meet a magic, scheming, "elegantly dressed" rabbit who whisks him into a fantastic world. Rabbits man, they're often magic, usually scheming, and always dapper.

We expect to see The Night of the Rabbit on Steam and GOG, where you can find other Daedalic adventures, such as Chaos on Deponia . Below are a few more screens—you can really see the power of Daedalic's integrated high-speed charm generation engine.

Tyler Wilde
Tyler Wilde

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