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New World dev diary reveals the factions and lore of the MMO's PvE

Amazon Game Studios has released a new developer diary for its upcoming massively multiplayer RPG New World. The diary reveals three factions of New World's Aeternum—the Lost, Angry Earth, and Ancients. In New World, players are cast as a shipwrecked 17th-century explorer discovering the hidden secrets of a monster-ridden island.

The developer diary is titled 'Fight the World' and introduces the three main enemy factions, along with some background on each one. The Lost are the wandering bodies of dead sailors and pirates who have washed up on the island, the Angry Earth are the protectors of the island trying to fight back against intruders, and the Ancients are a technologically advanced civilisation that met its downfall in a mysterious way. 

Players will also be up against a power called the Corrupted that can block roads and summon portals where enemies can get through to attack your area.

There's a lot going on in the sandbox MMO, like player warfare, a crafting system, and territory invasions which New World director Scot Lane went into detail about in our interview last year. New World is currently in alpha right now with a release date of May 2020.