The new PC games of 2018


Star Citizen

TBA | Cloud Imperium Games | Link
Star Citizen continues its quest to become the ultimate space game. The 3.0 update started to bind the game’s different modules together into a contiguous experience, giving us an encouraging tease of the final vision for the game. The star-studded singleplayer campaign Squadron 42 is also still under development, release date TBA.

Worlds Adrift

TBA (Currently Early Access) | Bossa Studios | Link
This ambitious MMO is lets you chop down trees and build flying ships to explore a universe of floating islands. It’s currently developing in closed beta as Bossa refines the physics-driven simulation that drives all movement in the game and adds new features like an island creator

Dual Universe

November 2018 (as Alpha) | Novaquark | Link
As we’ve written about before, Dual Universe is an ambitious sci-fi MMO in which all players will be interacting on the same server. Although other recent over-ambitious sci-fi games loom over the genre, Dual Universe has already begun getting feedback from its Kickstarter backers in alpha testing. From what we know so far, it will involve crafting and building in a voxel-based world, flying between planets, and (in the end-game) attempting to use LUA scripting to create custom interfaces on your ship’s display screen. Players will be able to buy and sell creations, built or scripted, on the in-game market. EVE meets Minecraft is a tall order to aspire to, but we remain hopeful. Developer Novaquark recently announced it will release a pre-alpha build for backers at the end of September.

Ascent: Infinite Realm

TBA | Bluehole | Link
The company behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds isn’t content with really big shooters, they also want to corner the market on really big steampunk fantasy MMO’s. The fairly jerky debut trailer showed off a seemingly endless list of things to do (multiplayer airship battles, going all Monster Hunter on a big crocodile, wingsuits, and...downhill barrel racing?) amidst all the other typical MMO trappings. No word on a launch date, but they expect A:IR (ha) to start closed beta testing near the end of 2018.