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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition gets March 27 release date

The modern remaster of Bioware's third-person RPG Neverwinter Nights will release on Steam on March 27, Beamdog has announced. The developer—which is made up of former Bioware employees and handled the Enhanced Editions of Baldur's Gate 2, Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment—revealed the release date in a livestream yesterday, where it also talked about how it will update the game going forward.

Players that have pre-purchased the game have been able to play early versions, and those same players will get first access to patches after launch. Individual patches will then be rolled into larger updates that everyone will receive. The team is "investigating" ways to add new content to the original game's campaign but it hasn't yet found a way to do it. 

Having played, but not exhausted, the game when it first came out, I may just dip into this one. Beamdog's previous updates of old games have been generally well-received, and if you played the original then any saved games or mods you have on your PC will automatically be transferred over to this version.

The Enhanced Edition will support resolutions up to 4K, offer more graphics options, and include many fan-requested tweaks to the original game. It comes with the base game, its two expansion packs and three "premium modules", which are basically story add-ons. Any future new content will come in the form of those modules, Beamdog said, and the game will be compatible with existing user-made modules.

You can watch a replay of the full stream here.

Samuel Horti

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