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Netflix is working on a brand new Castlevania series

(Image credit: Netflix)

Castlevania's Netflix adaptation was bloody good, wasn't it? But while the current run of the show may have just wrapped up, the series' creators today confirmed that the story will continue with a new spin-off series.

Speaking during this afternoon's Netflix Geeked Week stream, directors Sam Deats, Adam Deats and executive producer Kevin Kolde confirmed that they are "nowhere near done with this universe". 

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The new series will follow new lead Richter Belmont (son of series leads Trevor and Sypha) and Maria Renard, in what sounds like a loose adaptation of 1993's Castlevania II: Rondo of Blood. The setting will also pointedly explore the French Revolution. Mass uprisings, rivers of blood and lots of pretty heads getting chopped off? That all sounds perfectly Castlevania to me.

This Castlevania spinoff will also notably run under the direction of new showrunner Clive Bradley. Previous lead Warren Ellis was taken off the show after more than 60 women accused the showrunner of sexual misconduct, but not before completing work on season 4.

"He has had no further involvement in Castlevania, and I hear he also has not been part of the conversations about a potential new show which likely won’t include him as a creative auspice," Deadline's Nellie Andreeva claimed at the time.

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